Hello friends! We are done scheduling new jobs. Don't worry if you already have a reservation. We are going to honor all the reservations on the books through 2019. 

We have had a lot of fun with you for the last seven years but we are ready to get our weekends back. Thank you to all our former clients. Because of you, we have been to  nearly 400 parties/events with the photo booths. We love you but are just getting too old for this. :-)


There are lots of photo booths around with all kinds of features and at all price levels. The most important element in looking for a booth company is to find good and reliable people who care about making your party better. Use Google to find a local photo booth.


• When you call them, do they answer the phone or at least get right back with you?

• Can they show you samples of their recent event photo strips and show you what their booth looks like?

• When a bunch of people go in the booth together, will they all get a photostrip from the session?

• Will the attendants at your event be friendly and fun people or just bumps on a log, playing Candy Crush on their phone the whole time?

• Do they make prints for guests or do social media only?


Good luck! I hope you find a good photo booth company. Many of our guests told us that we were the BEST and so, before it goes to our heads, we are getting out of the biz. Is anyone still reading this? Well, if so, don't worry about us. We are doing just fine.


love-peace-cheers-   Kent and Judi

MUGS Photo Booth

Shreveport, Louisiana

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